When your lovely kids fighting for a space in their narrow room,wouldn’t you desire a home with such big balcony?

When you set out to prepare a sweet and cozy party with your good friends at home,you will never worry about the place because you have Bigger than Bigger.

When weekends come and you just wanna to stay at home for yourself, reading some book you really love with a cup of tea or coffee, taking care of your flowers in the sunshine… You couldn’t imagine how bravo life could be.

If you worry about the rainy days,we’ve already prepare this for you ahead.The slope is designed with 30 degrees angle and with downpipe each corner. Besides, the water-proof floor is provided for your balcony space.

And it is also OK to add some clear sheds on the fence.

If you worry about the transportation,never mind,we just fold the balcony into small pieces to ship them together with your house container. So what are you worried about?

Bigger than Bigger makes your living space twice than before. And the price is high cost-effective. Bigger than Bigger,you deserve it. Let it become the beginning of your dream.

Choices of the wall cladding Material:PVC cladding & 10mm cladding Colors: Chic black Simple white Passionate red Low-key grey Warm&soft beige.
Add: Extra addition of roof, rain tank, falling water pipe. Colors and materials will match the exterior decoration.
So the whole outside appearance will be more modern and durable.