Container Conversion

Discover an innovative and exciting concept of transforming shipping containers into unique, individual units; each one to a bespoke design; the epitome of creativity and convenience combined!
Our suitable for a vast array of uses including holiday homes, as an alternative to house extensions and for commercial, retail, marketing and recreational opportunities. Let “Beyond the Hall Door ”successfully fuse their design flair and project management expertise to create the ideal solution to your need for space! Containers are extremely versatile, and combined with our creative flair and design expertise we can build your customised solution… endless possibilities, limited only by your imagination!

• Interior designed fit-out
• Decorated and fitted to a high standard
• Fully enclosed exterior steel shell
• Fully insulated throughout
• Panelled wood internal walls
• Entirely Self-Contained
• Deck option for flow of indoor and outdoor living
• Electric generator

We can extend or reduce the length of any container to suit your exact
requirements;we can join them for custom widths or lengths and even
stack them for multi-storied accommodation; an almost limitless range of custom conversion possibilities. They are so designed to exactly fit in using the standard equipment used for lifting and transportation convenience.
We undertake orders to suit individual specific requirement.
You dream it, we build it.