60sqm CUBE Solution

CUBE Solution 1

CUBE Solution 2

CUBE Solution 3

CUBE Solution 4

CUBE Solution 5

CUBE Solution 6

CUBE Solution 7

CUBE Solution 8

CUBE Solution 9

High performance thermal and acoustic insulation.
.Eco-friendly E0 Class Panels and Finishing.
Reliable water proofing design for installation and daily usage Solar energy harnessed for electricity and heating/cooling.
Steel Framing with excellent load bearing capacity and weather resistance durability.
High performance bush fire resistance design.Better Cyclone resistance performance based on building panel integrity.
BIM for design, manufacture, and installation with efficiency and accuracy.
Easy to change the plan before manufacture and renovation of room and function whilst living in Easy installation and dismantle design with minimum site labor.
All floor, wall, celling, roofing, decking members pre-fabricated in factory as 2D panels or 3D module Interior and exterior finished within factory Electrical and plumbing embedded into members with easy connection design for site installation.