This 37sqm Container House is also available in 58sqm.
Other sizes available, please see TinyHouses Gallery.

The expandable cabin were designed based on the 20ft expandable cabin and to meet different inquiries from customers. · If you think the 37m2 cabin is not big enough, please click on TechSpecs to know more details.The house available in 37/58/77/128sqm.

Use it as Weekender, Granny flat, Teenager retreat, Office space, Man cave  or Guest accommodation.


More folding Houses from 14sqm

The package size of this kind of folding House is only 510~650mm, the transportation of this house is very convenient , and also the installation is also very fast, Windows and doors are installed in the factory, clients only need to open the roof and foundations on two sides and fix walls locally. Clients can choose from 14m2 to 70m2, the floor plan can be designed according to your needs.
Quick installation, easy transportation, and low cost, these advantages make this product are popular in Middle East, South Africa, Australia and other regions.Different customer needs and the local climate, we have a wide range of materials to choose from. There are various of materials to be chosen from according to needs of clients and the local climates.





Expandable Houses 37/77sqm – 60/128sqm

It is about 37 sqm and it takes one day for 6 persons to complete the installation.It includes one parents’ bedroom and one child’s bedroom.
The toilet, paper holder, shower, sink,mirror, towel rack are all installed in our factory. Customers only need to connect supply and drainage pipes locally.
The kitchen is open,and we can customize the kitchen cabinets. We can also provide range hood, oven, dishwasher and such electrical appliances.
There is enough area in living room to put down a table, sofa and tea table.

SIZE: 5910(L)*6400(W)*2520/2800(H)mm
PACKING SIZE: 5910(L)*2200(W)*2520/2800(H)mm

On the basis of 20ft Expandable House, we increase the length of the roof for
this House,so the using area of this 40ft 3 in 1 Expandable House is 77m2 ,
larger sizes make the Interior appear more spacious.
The pattern inside the house can be changed according to your request. We can also provide some household appliances, such as air conditioning, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven etc.. If you think the white wall is very monotonous, don’t worry, we have a variety of internal and external wall decorative boards for you to choose.
We will meet all your requirements for housing with our professional attitudes.
Before shipment,we fix the cupboard, and other accessories with wooden
flooring support.

The House is expanded twice based on our formal 20ft expandable House. The total width is extended 4200mm more. According to the elegant appearance and waterproof requirement for the standard living house, we add the light steel structure roof. The whole roof structure is light and stable. It is quick and convenient to install too.It takes 6 hours for 4 persons to install the whole roof with crane.

Name: 20ft Combined Expandable House
Specification: W10500*L5550mm*H2400/ 4500mm Weight: 3800kg
Package Size: W2200*L5910*H2520mm
Inside Plan: 2 bedrooms,1 bathroom,1 open kitchen,1 large sitting room, 12 aluminum alloy windows, 1 small bathroom window, 1 fireproof security door.
Inside Height: 2400mm
Top Roof Height: 4500mm
The decoration plate color and pattern are both optional. Please refer to the detail documents of exterior wallboards.

Packing size: W 2200*L11800mm*2520mm
Specification: W10540*L11460mm*H2400/ 4500mm
Materials: Galvanized steel structure, 50mm PU sandwich panel, outside 15mm PU decoration plate, inside 10mm PU decoration plate, plywood with laminate floor, aluminum alloy sliding windows and door, electric with water system,roof steel structure with roof panel, downspout. Bathroom and Kitchen facilities.
The bathroom facilities are installed before shipment. All wires hidden in the wall. The internal plan can be changed according to your requirements.
All the structure is made by ourselves based on the materials of ISO standard 20ft shipping containers.
All the steel structure is hot galvanized and welded with protection of CO2.
We have the complete manufacturing process for our houses: Materials purchase, inspection & preparation,team formation,welding,polishing,rust-proof and installation.


When your lovely kids fighting for a space in their narrow room,wouldn’t you desire a home with such big balcony?

When you set out to prepare a sweet and cozy party with your good friends at home,you will never worry about the place because you have Bigger than Bigger.

When weekends come and you just wanna to stay at home for yourself, reading some book you really love with a cup of tea or coffee, taking care of your flowers in the sunshine… You couldn’t imagine how bravo life could be.

If you worry about the rainy days,we’ve already prepare this for you ahead.The slope is designed with 30 degrees angle and with downpipe each corner. Besides, the water-proof floor is provided for your balcony space.

And it is also OK to add some clear sheds on the fence.

If you worry about the transportation,never mind,we just fold the balcony into small pieces to ship them together with your house container. So what are you worried about?

Bigger than Bigger makes your living space twice than before. And the price is high cost-effective. Bigger than Bigger,you deserve it. Let it become the beginning of your dream.

Choices of the wall cladding Material:PVC cladding & 10mm cladding Colors: Chic black Simple white Passionate red Low-key grey Warm&soft beige.
Add: Extra addition of roof, rain tank, falling water pipe. Colors and materials will match the exterior decoration.
So the whole outside appearance will be more modern and durable.


Container Conversion

Discover an innovative and exciting concept of transforming shipping containers into unique, individual units; each one to a bespoke design; the epitome of creativity and convenience combined!
Our suitable for a vast array of uses including holiday homes, as an alternative to house extensions and for commercial, retail, marketing and recreational opportunities. Let “Beyond the Hall Door ”successfully fuse their design flair and project management expertise to create the ideal solution to your need for space! Containers are extremely versatile, and combined with our creative flair and design expertise we can build your customised solution… endless possibilities, limited only by your imagination!

• Interior designed fit-out
• Decorated and fitted to a high standard
• Fully enclosed exterior steel shell
• Fully insulated throughout
• Panelled wood internal walls
• Entirely Self-Contained
• Deck option for flow of indoor and outdoor living
• Electric generator

We can extend or reduce the length of any container to suit your exact
requirements;we can join them for custom widths or lengths and even
stack them for multi-storied accommodation; an almost limitless range of custom conversion possibilities. They are so designed to exactly fit in using the standard equipment used for lifting and transportation convenience.
We undertake orders to suit individual specific requirement.
You dream it, we build it.